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ellen foulds

The premier local photographer, who captures the beauty of Hervey Bay since 2012,

"The Humpbacks' Rendezvous" and the "World's First Whale Heritage Site" 

Ellen started snapping in 2010.  Since then her passion in photography just kept growing.

It is always a delightful experience for her creating landscape images from when

before the sun rises until darkness under the moon and stars.

Ellen's love for landscape has given her the desire to create portraits of people outdoors rather than inside a studio.

Having the nature as her backdrop broadens her mind to create that perfect image.

It is a job as an artist that she seriously takes.

Ellen does not just take the photograph but she creates and designs it for a lifetime memories.

Landscape and nature are her favourite subjects.

Creating images of the bizarre and phenomenal scenes in this world is her goal

whenever she's out and about with her cameras.

Ellen is an Accredited RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) Operator where she can fly her drone even on restricted zones.

She also conducts photography workshops and private lessons to beginners and amateurs.

She is deeply involved in promoting her beautiful holiday town to the world.

She creates different souvenirs of Hervey Bay scenes such as postcards, photo book, coffee cup, fridge magnets,

calendar, stubby holder and other customisable items which are available for purchase.

Framed prints of Hervey Bay scenes are also on display in her gallery and studio

at Urraween just metres away to the Hervey Bay Hospital.

"Let's Work Together"

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