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Mother's Day Galaxy

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So I continued the chase with a friend on Sunday 12th of May 2024 around 10pm hoping to see another glimpse of the Lady Aurora. But this is what I ended up creating at my favourite spot where I can see the vastness of space in the dark skies under the myriad of stars. It was still a perfect night to be out and about. Not cold, calm wind with the soothing sound of the seas rushing to the shore, clear skies until this band of clouds rolled beneath the Milky Way Galaxy filling up the void in between when I was about to fnish the first set of vertical panos. It made the image way much better than it initially was with just an empty space in the middle. Overlooking the nighlights of Urangan Pier and Esplanade, didn't realise I caught the rainstorm and a bit of lightning in the background. I just love it when Mother Nature works with me :)

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