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Beauty of Mother Nature (Ltd Edtn)

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2nd Edition of 50

The moment I heard the thunder with frequent lightning strikes, I immediately drove to Scarness with this image in mind. While I was parking the car, the rain had already been pouring down. The spectacular lightning show made stay; so I sat in the car for half an hour watching the show. As I was waiting and the storm started to drift away, a vivid orange ball of light on my right has caught my attention. I could not believe what I saw. The gap of clouds on the horizon was just in time to let the waning gibbous moonrise peeps, while the lightning show kept going on the other side. And the stars appeared too! I can say this is one in a million scenes and I believe I was the lucky one to witness it. Patience here has definitely paid off.

Printed on a musuem grade 100% cotton rag, framed with a white/black core mat border with v-groove and framed in a 22mm bevelled black timber frame.

Size including frame: 920mm x 610mm

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